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CRM SmartMap™ turns CRM data into comprehensive maps so you can boost sales by engaging with more customers and prospects. The application includes unique sales route planning tools to help make better prospecting decisions and improve efficiency on the road.  Try before you buy? Enter the promo code – SMARTMAP30 at checkout.

By integrating data from Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 – Sales with the visual power of Bing Maps, CRM SmartMap creates pinpoint maps within CRM that are accessible on your desktop computer and all mobile devices.

The CRM SmartMap includes three powerful modules melded into a single solution:

  • CRM SmartMap – Desktop: Creates detailed call and travel plans before hitting the road to optimize travel time and focus on key accounts and prospects.
  • CRM SmartMap – Mobile: Minimizes downtime in the field with tools to search for new opportunities in the immediate area. *iPhone and Android versions available now! 
  • CRM Geocoder Plus: Assigns accurate geographic locations to CRM addresses to improve productivity on the road and guide account managers directly to their destination.

Please click on the above links for more details about each module. You can also watch this demo to learn more.

Reserve your FREE Trial, enter – SMARTMAP30 at checkout.

*Minimum 5 Users.  *Price Per User/Per Month.

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The CRM SmartMap free trial can be canceled anytime before your first charge occurs after 30-days. From there, CRM SmartMap will be billed as a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time with 30-days’ written notice. The credit card used for initial purchase will be charged on a monthly basis until canceled. Price is per known user with a minimum requirement of 5 users. This means that although you may have 10 CRM users, you may only need the tool for your 5 account reps, therefore you need to only purchase a license for those 5 account reps (users). As you change users you may reassign the licenses. When you hire a new account rep they will require a new license, which you can add to your order at any time.

After purchasing CRM SmartMap, you will be provided with a download link within your receipt, that is also accessible at any time from your account page. After you download the solution package, a technician will contact you to coordinate installing and configuring each module.

Compatibility with CRM is as follows:

  • CRM SmartMap – Desktop: 2015 and higher (on-premise) and Dynamics 365 Sales Online
  • CRM SmartMap – Mobile: Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premise) and Dynamics 365 Sales Online

Complete Technical Requirements for the CRM SmartMap

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